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Service while you're away:
For your convenience while you are out of town, we can help with your vehicle service needs. Please ask about our premium vehicle services at our kiosk.

Premium Vehicle Service

For your convenience while you are out of town, we can help with the following:

Hand Car Wash:
Treat your vehicle to a premium hand car wash. Your car will thank you!

Gas Fill Up:
We can fill your tank while you're gone. We use 89 octane for this service.

Oil Change:
Our oil change service includes an oil, lube and filter. All completed by a certified technician.

Fluid Fill Up:
We can even fill up your windshield washer fluid!

Interior Detailing:
This includes carpet vacuum and shampoo, ArmorAll throughout and extremely clean windows!

Exterior Detailing:
Get your vehicle looking brand new again! This includes wash, wax, buff and ArmorAll on the tires.

Just follow the sign in the rental car parking garage and look for our kiosk. For corporate discounts and any other questions, please contact Brett Schneider.

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